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SHURflo Booster & SHURFlo Delivery Pumps have an excellent reputation for water pumps and fluid handling. SHURflo manufactures core technologies systems for water delivery pumps, reverse osmosis treatment booster pumps, a full range of filter systems, water pressure boosting systems and a variety of water handling systems for residential, commercial and the food service industry.

SHURflo has been manufacturing pumps since 1983 and each year over one million electric pumps are shipped and delivered to customers all around the world. SHURflo has created a wide variety of pumps with different flow rates at different pressures for almost every purpose possible.

Their reputable Gold Series booster pumps have been used millions of reverse osmosis systems over the years. The Gold Series pumps maintain a constant and reliable pressure output that is not dependent on city water pressure changes. They have been known to have an ultra quiet operation and the diaphragm is built as a solid piece to prevent any leak points. The Gold Series is also corrosive resistant.

SHURflo RO Treatment & Water Pressure Booster Pumps & More

SHURflo also carries slim or enclosed booster pumps for reverse osmosis systems/water treatment, carbonation systems, misting systems, alternative energy/solar, medical lab water, laser cooling systems, and fuel cells. SHURflo accessories include pressure switches, percent rejection monitors, leak detection sensors, tank level controllers, automatic flush flow restrictors and even electronic shut-off valves. Accessories can be used in any combination. A recommended set up for a reverse osmosis system is to have a booster pump, pressure switch, and a transformer - of course this order or combination can change according to your needs.

SHURflo delivery pumps are used to deliver water - typically to repressurize water from an atmospheric tank or to deliver water to a far distance. Most SHURflo delivery pumps can also vertically climb over eight (8) feet high with pumps delivering water as quick as 5 GPM. Delivery pumps were meant to be used intermittently and never not continuously. A common usage is to use a delivery pump to deliver water from a reverse osmosis tank to a refrigerator/ice maker; this is just one example of many uses for a delivery pump.

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