Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters

At Isopure Water, we are committed to providing our clients effective and efficient water filtration systems. That said, these systems require quality filters to operate appropriately. 

Carbon filters are among the most popular on the market today. They are well regarded for their ability to remove a broad range of toxins including pesticides, chlorine, and heavy metal compounds. Additionally, these filters remove the “smells” that water can have and greatly improve its appearance.  

We can all agree that a crystal clear glass of water is significantly more appealing than a cloudy one.

While carbon filters are effective, they do not last forever. After a period of time (which varies from system to system, filter to filter, and usage levels)  they simply get “saturated” with impurities and can no longer appropriately filter your water.  As such, they must be removed and replaced on a schedule specific to your system’s needs.

The Inventory of carbon filters at Isopure Water is considerable. We pride ourselves on supplying everything our clients need.  With 12 filter types available, we stock the most reliable and requested brands on the market; even the ever-popular coconut carbon models.  

If you have a water filtration system and have carbon filter questions, we are happy to help. Our professionals can address your concerns and provide recommendations as to which product or products best meet your needs.

We are water filtration experts. Our professionals are well-versed in all system models, components, and filters. Contact us today with your questions, we can help you in your search for cool, clear, and delicious drinking water.