John Guest Quick-Connect Fittings

In order for your water filtration system to be operational, it must be connected to a water source.  John Guest quick connect fittings use the latest technology to accomplish this task. 

At Isopure Water, we provide our clients access to clean, clear drinking water. Making accessibility easier is something we truly appreciate.  Using quick-connect fittings to install your water filter is, without a doubt, the easiest way to become operational.

Our inventory includes a full range of John Guest Quick Connect Fittings and accessories. The variety allows you to select the most appropriate items for your system. John Guest fittings are designed for use with a range of pipes including Speedfit PEX, CPVC, and Copper, among others and they conform to US plumbing standards. Additionally, they can be used with both hot and cold water distribution systems and portable systems.

Finally, and perhaps most important, these quick connect fittings are easy to use and directly attach your water source to your filtration system.  In fact, you don’t even need special tools to install the connection.  They are well-regarded for their high quality and they do NOT require you to use fittings on your waterline.

If you are looking for connections for your filtration system, take a look at our extensive offerings.  Should you be unsure as to what you need, simply reach out to one of our product experts.  We can help you select the perfect connection for your system.