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Isopure Water

IPW Industries Universal 4-Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filter Kit | Replace Every 6-12 Months for Pure, Refreshing Water

Product Code (1) Sed (1) CB (1) Inline (1) 50 GPD

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  • 💧 PURE AND HEALTHY WATER: Upgrade your home's water filtration system with our Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filter Kit. Say goodbye to impurities and enjoy a healthier drinking experience.
  • 💧 LONG-LASTING FILTRATION: Replace filters effortlessly every 6-12 months for consistent, high-quality water. Our universal 4-stage under sink filter kit protects against rust, salt, silt, and dirt, ensuring your water remains pure and safe.
  • 💧 USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Easily remove or replace filters with a simple grab of the plastic spindle in the middle. Our filter kit is designed for convenience, making maintenance a breeze.
  • 💧 PREMIUM FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: Featuring a high-density graded membrane film, our kit guarantees optimal water filtration. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're getting the best quality water for your family.
  • 💧 COMPATIBLE WITH LEADING BRANDS: Our universal 10" x 2.5" reverse osmosis pre-filter replacement cartridges fit most standard 4 stage systems, including popular brands like Ispring, Watts, Premier, and more. Upgrade your water filtration with confidence.

Universal 10" x 2.5" reverse osmosis pre-filter replacement cartridges with a 10" x 2" Post inline carbon filter and a standard 1.8" x 12" reverse osmosis membrane.

Fits almost standard sized 5 or 6 stage reverse osmosis systems. Includes Ispring, Watts, Premier, Flowmatic, PuROLine, Crystal Quest, Puromax and more brands.

This filter set includes:

  • (x1) 5 Micron coconut shell carbon block filter
  • (x1) 5 Micron polypropylene sediment filter
  • (x1) 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis membrane
  • (x1) 10" inline granular activated carbon GAC post filter, 1/4" inch NPT thread inlet & outlet


IPW Industries Inc carbon blocks are manufactured with a high purity Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. Our acid washed carbon blocks activate the carbon to make it more porous and able to remove more contaminants than standard water washed carbon. With a high chlorine reduction, great dirt-holding capacity, and greatly reduced carbon fines, you will soon make our Carbon Blocks your preferred choice!


Economical light weight filters for standard 10" housings. IPW Industries Inc sediment filter cartridge's coreless design is an economical solution to pre-filtration for many applications. These are used widely as pre-filtration for RO systems and whole house filtration for high sediment water sources. They are also used in applications such as Ice Machines, Film Processing, Beverage, Coffee, Analytical, Wineries, and many others.


50 GPD RO Membrane - Standard 1.8" x 11.75" Dimensions