550 Series Delivery Pumps

Aquatec Delivery “Smart Pump” 550 Series, our newest and most technologically advanced pumps, integrates advanced digital controllers with our proven 3-chamber and 5-chamber diaphragm pumps. The result is a patent-pending, pump series which maintains constant pressures (+/- 2 PSI) for variable flow rates across their entire performance range. Using integrated pressure transducers, these pumps monitor pressure fluctuations and can instantly adjust their operating speeds as required. In the past, most automatic demand pumps were designed for a specific flow rate. If variable flow rates were required (i.e. multiple fixtures drawing fluid from a single source), then accumulator tanks become necessary with common pressure fluctuations of +/- 20 PSI. Proudly, Aquatec has changed all that. Our digitally controlled, variable speed pumps will alter your perceptions of “what’s possible” using current diaphragm pump technology.