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Global Water (G5) Hot & Cold Floor Standing Water Bottleless Cooler

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The G5 Hot, Cold and Room temperature cooler by Global water has great new features including a Drain Container, Smart Technology drip tray that lets you know when it needs to be emptied. The G5 also has a large dispensing gap, Ideal for filling up large bottles or containers. The G5 Model from Global Water is a well-designed Hot/Cold/Ambient Bottle-Free Water Cooler. This new unit has a 5 Gallon Storage Capacity. The unit is plumbed directly in to your cold water line eliminating the need for those heavy 5 gallon water bottles. The unit has a very large dispensing gap that easily fits water bottles and the large LED lights that let you know when the cold and hot power are working. The G5 has adjustable heating and cooling capabilities and guarantees quality, reliability, and easy serviceability. The unit is equipped with a hot water lock to prevent children from burning accidents, electric shut off valve to prevent overflows and stainless steel reservoirs to keep water safe.


  • Shipping Weight: 60 lb.
  • Cold tank volume 1 gal
  • Hot tank volume .5 gal
  • Cooling Rate: 1.5 gal/hr 37-50 ºF
  • Heating Rate: 1.5 gal/hr 180 ºF
  • Voltage: 115 VAC
  • Power Required: 600w max
  • Dimensions: 13" W x 14" D x 48" H
  • Warranty Information: 3 Years Refrigeration System
  • Warranty 1 Year All Other Parts

Filtration System G5F (Optional)

  • Stage 1: 5 micron Sediment
  • Stage 2: 1 micron Activated Carbon
  • Stage 3: 0.5 micron Post Carbon

Reverse Osmosis G5RO (Optional)

  • Above 3 stages plus
  • Stage 4: 50-GPD RO Membrane