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Pura UV Filter Systems are uniquely designed to fit in standard water filter housings which make them easy to maintain. These specially fitted housings hold and power the Pura UV lamps in such a way that they allow more flow and require less contact time to disinfect water unlike their competitors. Pura UV systems can work as a stand-alone system or as a full drinking water or whole house unit. Pura Stainless Steel Sterilizer UV system (ADDON series) works as a stand-alone but recommends the use of pre-filtration to ensure maximum disinfection. Typically Pura UV's ADDON series is used in combination with a reverse osmosis system, holding tanks, water dispensers, recirculating systems and more.

Pura UV (UVBB) Big Blue Series systems offers high flow disinfection rates of up to 15 GPM while competitor systems are usually an average of 8 GPM for a comparable size and price. Pura UV's UVBB comes with a port size of 1.5" NPT to fit in any home or commercial application. Pura UV's manifold design allows users to configure up to 4 UV units in series to gain up to 60 GPM of disinfecting power. This allows users to have continuous UV disinfection even during maintenance of a single lamp (when using a NC or NO solenoid) without the need of shutting down the whole system.

Pura UV Micron Carbon Block Drinking Filters to Purify Tap Water

Their Pura UV Micron Carbon Block Drinking Filters and Whole House Filters combine the use of a carbon filter cartridge and a UV germicidal lamp to offer filtration with disinfection. For the maximum effectiveness of UV sterilization, water must have a certain light transparency in order for light to effectively penetrate properly. Pura UV offers systems that combine sediment and carbon filtration along with it's UV lamp in order to have pre-treatment in place for the UV system to operate efficiently.

Consider using Pura UV when you are choosing a UV system for your home or drinking water system because they are cost effective, efficient, and easy to maintain.

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