Well Water vs. City Water

Water. Without a doubt, water is the most important compound in our lives. Each and every day we use it in so many different ways.  We drink it (there is no question that staying well-hydrated is critical for good health). And we use it for washing, both our bodies and our clothes.  And, in many cases, we also use it to water our lawns and gardens.

Do you know where your water comes from? For most of us, the answer is either a well or a municipality. But, which is better, well water or city water? There are pros and cons to each.  Let’s consider them.

Pros & Cons To Well Water

Well water is popular in many areas across the country. Because of the water’s source, it tends to contain fewer contaminants than city water.  However, it is not completely pure. And, while certain contaminants may be less, well water is often mineral heavy. In areas where higher amounts of calcium and magnesium are present, water softeners may be necessary. 

One of the pros of well water is that it is free - you don’t receive a monthly water bill from the city within which you live. However, if your electricity goes out (during severe storms) your access to water may be limited. Additionally, you are responsible for maintaining your well - and you should know that easy contamination is possible.  Regular testing by you is necessary.

Pros & Cons To City Water

City water (or water from your local municipality) is usually obtained from local sources (like rivers) and can contain a host of impurities due to pollution. Cities know this. Thus, they clean, treat and test their water regularly to ensure that the water they provide meets specific governmental standards. However, city water often contains added fluoride and chlorine and can have underlying odors or an unpleasant taste. Additionally, the cost of city water can be considerable.

Well Water vs. City Water - Water Filters

Clearly, both options have their pluses and minuses.  One of the things they have in common is that both can be enhanced by the use of water filters. These can help remove impurities providing your family with clean and fresh water for all of its uses. Your water source, needs, and budget will help determine your best options well water vs. city water.  Consider purchasing a water filtration system to ensure the quality of the water you use. 

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