Prices are rising. This situation, which is experienced by millions across the country, is indisputable. While a simple trip to the store for staples is significantly more expensive than it was just months ago, the grocery store is not the only place this can be seen. In fact, consumers everywhere, buying everything (including water purifiers), are experiencing increased prices.
It is important to understand that the reason behind these increases is not manufacturer and retailer greed. In fact, this could not be further from the truth. These entities are struggling as much as you.
Covid 19 is a global pandemic that caused so much of the world to simply stop. Even the advent of a vaccine and the subsequent decrease in hospitalization and deaths has not been enough to return the world’s economy to normal. Consider just a few of the issues that are affecting the supply chain today.
  • Rising Freight Prices
  • Scarcity of Material
  • Increasing Traffic in Ports
  • Complexities in Demand Forecasting
Additionally, many of the steps from manufacture to client delivery are incredibly slow due to labor shortages. Everything from assembly line workers to laborers who unload ships to truck drivers is in high demand and short supply. There are simply not enough people working to get the job done. Thus, wages have increased in hopes of rebuilding the workforce. This is just one more expense that factors into the retail price of the goods you wish to purchase.
At Isopure Water, we are aware of customers’ concerns regarding cost and do our best to offer the highest quality products at the best prices. We know, first hand, the value our products bring to our clients. Clean and fresh drinking water is a necessity. Additionally, the purchase, installation, and use of our products do help reduce a host of other costs and eliminate the need for expensive bottled water.
Supply chain issues and rising prices affect us all. Recognizing the factors behind them opens our eyes to the current state of our economy.