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Watts (WCB20FF-CHLORA) 20"x4.5" Big Blue High Performance Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon Block for Chloramine Removal

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The new Watts ChloraBlock Filter is specially designed to reduce chloramines using coconut shell catalytic carbon block.
The filter€™s enhanced catalytic functionality has 4 times the capacity for reducing chloramines than standard carbon blocks and 2 times the capacity for reducing chlorine over standard activated carbon. 

Innovative Features & Benefits:
€¢ Large quantity of catalytically-active Nitrogen groups for highly effective chloramine reduction
€¢ Manufactured from advanced, high-performance media
€¢ Unique binder system maximizes availability of catalytic sites
€¢ 1 µm nominal ltration
€¢ High dirt holding capacity
€¢ No carbon ne release
€¢ Low pressure drop
€¢ Ideal for commercial & industrial POU and POE applications
€¢ Greater carbon surface area
€¢ Backed by Watts 40+ years of water quality expertise

Filter Type: Standard Wall
Outer Diameter: 4 1/2" 
Length: 20" 
Micron Rating: 1 Nominal
Flow Rate: 7 GPM
Chlorine Reduction: > 200,000 gal @ 4 gpm
Chloramine Reduction: 24,000 @ 2 gpm and 12,000 @ 4 gpm