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Watts (R14-02-1WM) R14 Series Reverse Osmosis 3600 GPD System

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Watts (R14-02-1WM) R14 Series Reverse Osmosis

Watts Water R14WM reverse osmosis (RO) systems are constructed from the toughest of materials and provide permate rates from 1800 to 5400 gallons per day. Watts uses stainless steel pumps and mounting panels to ensure system longeivity. RO Membrane housings are constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic for superior chemical resistance. Our conservative design approach ensures that the RO membranes are operated according to the membrane manufacturer's guidelines. This reduces the potential for membrane fouling that often occurs on systems with undersized pumps.

Standard features:

  • Stainless steel wall mount frame.
  • Fiberglass reinforced membrane housings.
  • 4.5" x 10" Pre-filter.
  • Low pressure shutdown with automatic restart.
  • Tank level input.
  • Pretreatment interlock input.
  • Adjustable reject recycle.
  • Prefilter pressure gauges.
  • Liquid filled pump discharge pressure gauge.
  • Product flow meter.
  • Reject flow meter.
  • Product check Valve.
  • Product sample valve


  • Feed water connection1" FNPT
  • Product water connection (1800 & 3600 GPD)1/2" tube
  • Product water connection (5400 GPD)5/8" tube
  • Reject water connection (all R14 models)1/2" tube
  • Feed water pressure requirement (minimum)10 PSIG
  • Drain requirement (maximum)10 GPM
  • Electrical requirements230v/60hz
  • Amps (1800 & 3600 GPD)6
  • Amps (5400 GPD)9


The Best Watts Reverse Osmosis System 3600 GPD

The Watts (R14-02-1WM) R14 Series Reverse Osmosis 3600 GPD System provides clean, safe water for commercial and industrial applications. Businesses that need ultra-pure water utilize this system because it is developed with cutting-edge technology and designed for that reason. This page discusses the R14-02-1WM's features, benefits, and usage, showing how it can change water purification.

The Watts (R14-02-1WM) R14 Series Reverse Osmosis 3600 GPD System meets industrial-scale water filtration needs with cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology. Reverse osmosis water is of the finest quality since it filters out hazardous elements using a time-tested technology.

The R14-02-1WM produces 3,600 gallons of filtered water per day, making it perfect for commercial and industrial usage. This system uses multi-stage filtering to remove sediments, chlorine, heavy metals, and dissolved particles for the cleanest water.

The R14-02-1WM's advanced reverse osmosis membrane removes even the smallest impurities to offer clean drinking water. High-quality components make the R14-02-1WM durable in commercial and industrial settings. This ensures long-term performance.

The R14-02-1WM works best with professional installation and maintenance. Regular filter replacement, membrane cleaning, and system inspection ensure water quality and efficiency.

The Watts (R14-02-1WM) R14 Series Reverse Osmosis 3600 GPD System purifies water commercially. This system's high production capacity, advanced filtering technology, and strong construction can benefit businesses that need a lot of fresh water. The R14-02-1WM helps improve water quality and make your business safe and healthy.