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Watts-FWRO80 Flexwave Composite Tank for RO Storage, 24.2"x 64.10", 80 Gallon Capacity, 1.25"NPT

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Flexwave Composite Tank for RO Storage, 24.2"x 64.10" 80 Gallon Capacity, 1.25 IN NPT
This 80 gallon capacity Flexwave composite tank for reverse osmosis (RO) storage is made for an RO accumulator system where a larger pressure differential is needed. A patented design allows for an oversize diaphragm to take on 20 to 30 percent more water than a standard tank. The composite construction is lightweight, durable, and non-corrosive for maximum life. The seamless polypropylene liner eliminates top and bottom leak issues. Maximum working pressure is 125 psi.


  • Highly resistant to chlorine
  • Durable plastic base is ribbed for exceptional strength
  • Stainless steel reinforcing rings back up all threaded openings
  • Schedule 80 PVC connection