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Isopure Water

IPW Industries Inc. Compatible Upgraded Replacement Filters For HydroLogic Stealth RO150 / RO300 Systems; 2) 22060 and 2) 22125

Product Code 2xPLEATED/2xKDF85-COCO

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IPW Industries Inc. Compatible Replacement Kit Includes 2x 22060 and 2x 22125 as an annual filter replacement. Membrane not included.


IPW Industries Inc. Compatible Pleated Sediment Filter

  • Reduces silt, rust, dirt, sand, and sediment
  • 5 Micron
  • Clean regularly and replace between 6 to 12 months

IPW Industries Inc. Upgraded KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Filter

  • Reduces iron, sulfur, chlorine, and heavy metals
  • Rated at 1 GPM
  • Twice the life of the Green Coconut Filter
  • Bacteriostatic qualities do not allow microbes to breed in filter
  • Great for well water
  • Replace every 6 to 12 months