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Isopure Water

IPW Industries Inc-Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridges 1 Micron Compatible with CBR2-10R 155403-43, WHKF-DB2 & WHKF-DB1 or 34377-3 Pack

Product Code IPW3xHQCBC-10-1

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IPW Industries Inc is known for its quality, superiority, and effectiveness. Our customers mean everything to us. We never compromise on the quality of our products, and each product is individually inspected by us. We provide high-quality replacement water filter cartridges. Compatible with, CBR2-10R 155403-43, WHKF-DB2 & WHKF-DB1 or Sears 34377 Compatible Water Filters 3 Pack. The carbon block cartridge is an ideal cartridge for chlorine , chemical reduction for point of use drinking water and reverse osmosis systems. It also has a dirt , sediment rating of 1 micron nominal. The extruded carbon block design will ensure that this cartridge will perform optimally for 6-10 months before being exhausted. Our coconut shell carbon provides impressive absorptive capacity ideally suited for water purification. A great and more affordable alternative to 34370, PWCB10S, CBC-10, GAC1-SS, the double open ended (DOE) cartridge configuration has an industry standard 2.5-inch x 9.75-inch dimension. It efficiently reduces chlorine/chloramines, VOCs, and taste, odor contaminants.