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Flojet - BevJet Compact Dispensing Kit

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BevJet Compact Dispensing Kit

The new BevJet Compact dispensing kit from Flojet is perfect for serving a wide variety of beverages, including water, wine, non-pulp juice, iced teas, alcoholic beverages, syrups, and more. BevJet Compact is a great option for applications that require regular line changes, such as beverage dispensing. NSF Alcohol-certified tubing ensures the safe dispensing of the product and reattaching the tube after use makes cleaning a breeze. When the BevJet Compact's reservoir is depleted, the system's intelligence immediately shuts it down. Because of its small size, this device can be installed in confined areas like cabinets, carts, and under counters. The modern, sturdy design incorporates cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing to provide a pump that runs smoothly and reliably for years. When the bag is no longer present, the product will turn off automatically.
  • Flojet BevJet
  • BLC1011010A Pump
  • 40PSI, 1.0GPM
  • Water, Liquid


  • Pump produces 1 gallon/minute flow rate.
  • 40 PSI These are designed to pump beverages, however can pump water too.
  • Has ports for JG 1/4" port fittings.
  • Size about 7-3/4" long X 2.8".
  • Has on/off switch on back of pump.
  • Very handy, easy to use pump.