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Clack (A8041-P) Manganese Greensand Plus for Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction 0.5 CF Bag


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Greensand Plus is a black filter media used for removing soluble iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies.

The manganese dioxide coated surface of Greensand Plus promotes the oxidation reaction of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide.

The silica sand core of Greensand Plus allows it to withstand operating conditions in waters that are low in silica, TDS and hardness.

Greensand Plus is effective at higher operating temperatures and higher differential pressures than ordinary Manganese Greensand. Tolerance to higher differential pressure can provide for longer run times between backwashes and a greater margin of safety.

Systems may be designed using either vertical or horizontal pressure filters, as well as open gravity filters.

Greensand Plus is a proven technology for iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide removal. There is no need for extensive preconditioning of filter media or lengthy startup periods.

Greensand Plus is an exact replacement for Manganese Greensand. It can be used in Continuous Regeneration or Intermittent Regeneration applications and requires no changes in backwash rate, times or chemical feeds.

Greensand Plus is NOT shipped in a regenerated form; therefore it is necessary, prior to use, to regenerate it by contacting the bed for a minimum of 4 hours.

A regeneration level of 4 ounces of KMn04 or chlorine per cubic foot of Greensand Plus is recommended. Before placing into service, the filter must be rinsed of all remaining traces of potassium permanganate.

Greensand Plus has the WQA Gold Seal Certification for compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 61.