Aries (AF-20-3302) 20"x2.5" (4 oz) Phosphate-GAC Carbon Filter

Aries (AF-20-3302) 20"x2.5" (4 oz) Phosphate-GAC Carbon Filter

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This particular cartridge uses a combination of granular activated carbon for Chlorine, Taste, and Odor removal as well as phosphate crystals for scale and corrosion inhibition.

Phosphate crystals are used to help prevent lime and scale build up on pipes and glass. It is also effective for treating corrosion and iron problems.

Manufactured with all FDA grade materials. Phosphate used in this cartridge was tested and listed under NSF Standard 61.

This type of treatment is recommended for use with ice machines, coffee and vending machines, food service equipment, water heaters, air conditioning equipment and many other types of water processing equipment.