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We carry a large variety of Water Filter Housing canisters. Our most common housings are the 10" slim/standard, 20" slim/standard, 10" big blue, and 20" big blue housing filter canisters. These cartridge filter housings are among the most popular housing sizes on the public market for light industrial applications and residential homes. These housings consist of two parts: cap (top) and sump (bottom). The caps are typically made of reinforced polypropylene and the opaque sumps are made of polypropylene. Clear sumps are made of a different material called styrene acrylonitrile. Polypropylene tends to have a higher resistance towards bursting under high pressure; Polypropylene can withstand approximately 125 PSI (on average depending on the manufacturer) while styrene acrylonitrile typically is 90 PSI (on average depending on the manufacturer).

Replacement filter cartridges for the 10" slim/standard or 10" big blue filter housings can be found at your local hardware store like Home Depot or Lowes but keep in mind their prices are typically 6-7x more for comparable items that you can find here.

Filter bag housings are also available on our site. Filter bag housings are used for filtration and straining purposes. Bag filtration are perfect for applications where high chemical resistance is needed; and these can also be used where there is a low water flow source. Applications include residential prefiltration, food service preparation, and chemical filtration.

High Quality Stainless Steel & Plastic Cartridge Filter Housing Products

For high water flow demands or high pressure requirements, then you may want to consider using a commercial filter housing. Stainless steel housings allow you to filter water at higher pressures. Some stainless steel housings can hold several sediment filters at a time and are called cluster filter housings also known as Hurricane® housings or Big Bubba® housings. These housings are perfect for commercial use and most can accept the standard double open end (doe) cartridges which makes them compatible with a wide range of filter cartridges. Stainless steel water filter housings can also operate at a much higher temperature rating - typically 40°F to 285°F.

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