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Procon - Rotary Vane Series 3 - Stainless Steel Pumps - Clamp On - 3/8" NPT

Product Code 103A035F31XX

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PROCON® Series 3 pumps boast all the unique features of other PROCON® pumps. Because the pump body and all the metal parts are made from stainless steel, the Series 3 is well suited for pumping a variety of fluids not suitable with brass.

Follow these steps to select the appropriate PROCON® model number:

  • Select the appropriate Series number
    • The third character (111A100F11AA) position specifies the series number. There are six series (1 - Brass 3/8” NPT Ports w/strainer, 2 - Brass 3/8” NPT Ports, 3 - Stainless steel 3/8” NPT Ports, 4 - Brass 1/2” NPT Ports, 5 - Stainless steel 1/2” NPT Ports, and 6 - Stainless steel 1” NPT Ports) offered within the Procon Rotary Vane Product Line.
  • Select the appropriate Mounting & Drive Configuration
    • The fourth character position (111A100F11AA) specifies the mounting and drive configuration. There are five configurations (A - Clamp-on with .188” Double Flat Drive, B - Clamp-on with 1143 Bronze Coupling, C - Clamp-on with 1143-2 Plastic Coupling, E - Bolt-on with single flat drive, & N - Bolt-on with key slot drive) to choose from

Due to the vast configurations - we have listed only the most popular ones.  Please call if you have a specific model or configuration you are looking for.