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Apex (FMP50PSI) 50 PSI Filtamate Pressure Limiting Valve Filter Protection

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High pressure systems to protect downstream components eg. drink dispensers, ice makers, coffee machines and reverse osmosis machines. Regulates water pressure to 50 PSI.


  • The pressure regulators protects water filters by limiting water pressure to the filter (avoiding costly water damage in the house).
  • FMP (Acetal plastic version) has quick and simple John Guest fittings for speedy install
  • Flow rate: 14 L/min at 700 kPa inlet pressure
  • Outlet pressures: 350 and 600 kPa +- 10% @ 1000 kPa inlet pressure.
  • Pressure ratio: 10:1 (for every 10 kPa increase in inlet pressure above 1000 kPa, the outlet pressure will increase by 1 kPa).
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 1600 kPa
  • Maximum temperature: 40°C FMP, 60°C FM• Minimum temperature: 1°C
  •  Supplied with fixing clip and screw.