When working with smaller diameter tubing, as is common during filter installations, a John Guest quick connect is the best choice. Fixing an emergency situation using a John Guest quick-connect is a great idea because of how dependable they are. John Guest fixtures are weatherproof and can withstand the sun's rays. Soldering pipes may be preferable, even though John Guest quick connect fittings are generally thought of for usage in places such as underground and behind walls. Three parts make up a quick-connect fitting: the connecting body, the collet, and the O-ring. There is elegance in the simplicity of these quick-connect fittings. The fitting is held together and a passageway for water is provided by the connecting body. The collet is what allows the fitting to securely grip the tube with its teeth. The O-ring ensures that the connections are completely sealed.

The push of a finger is all it takes for the quick-connect fitting to secure its grip on a length of tubing. The fitting's inside sides narrow toward the top, creating a snug fit. The collet then presses against this part when force is applied to the fitting. The teeth of the collet bite into the tube, holding it in place as the collet presses against the body. The tubing is then pushed to the O-ring at the end of the fitting. By compressing as the tubing moves through the fitting, the O-ring forms a tight seal that keeps water from leaking out the sides of the tubing.

Because of the function of these, there will be no need to wait for the water to completely drain out of the pipe. Their fasteners ensure a secure fit. The quick-connect fittings are durable, cheap, and easy to disassemble and repair, making them ideal for use with plastic. Unscrewing a John Guest fitting requires no special equipment. Additionally, they may be easily disconnected with a disconnect tool and replaced by pressing or locking in a new one, unlike soldering, which carries the risk of singeing or catching fire. You should maintain these fittings in a place where you can see them in case of a leak. However, usually incorrect installation is typically what causes leaks. 

Since both the body and the tubing on a John Guest quick connect fitting are made of plastic, they are perfectly suited to one another. The twist-locking mechanism ensures that the connection will remain secure even after the faucet has been turned off. When you try to remove a quick-connect fitting by pulling on the cable, the twist-lock tightens and the teeth grasp even more tightly.

If you're going to be installing a John Guest quick connect, make sure you use a pipe cutter and not a hacksaw to make the necessary cuts. The O-ring won't seal properly if you use a hacksaw since you'll likely leave scratches in it. It's also important to fully insert the fitting, use the right-sized disconnect tool, and hold the fitting with the correct side of the disconnect tongs facing up before attempting to disconnect the pipe. The tool won't be able to accept the fitting if it's not the right size.

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