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Well Water Whole House Filtration System Dual Stage Complete System Commercial Grade Sediment Odor Taste Rust, 1" Ports

Product Code (1) WH2-10BB/5M Pleat/GAC&KDF

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  • Reduces sediment, dirt, sand, silt, rust, scale particles, heavy metals, chlorine taste & odor, VOC's.
  • 2 Stage with 20 microns washable pleated sediment filter & GAC KDF for chlorine, iron, heavy metals, odor, and more.
  • Complete system with wrench, filters, heavy-duty bracket, and built-in pressure relief button.
  • High-flow system with 1" In/Out ports.
IPW Industries Dual stage 4.5" x 10" (Big Blue Size) Whole House Well Water Filter System comes complete with a bacteria and chemical resistant sediment filter and GAC KDF filter. This system features a high flow housing with 1" Inlet / Outlet Ports. The Dual Stage 10" Big Blue System is a medium range workhorse whole house filtration system design for well or city water filtration. This system can be used as a whole house system or used in commercial applications where sediment and CTO filtration is needed. Provide your family with exceptional water and extend the life of washing machines, water heaters, and appliances. This unit will effectively filter many impurities from water and it is ideal for well water, farms, restaurants, spas, commercial, and many other applications. Filters and Reduces: Sediment. Dirt. Sand. Silt. Rust. Scale particles. Heavy Metals. Chlorine taste. Odor. VOC's. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Designed and assembled in California. 
  • Low maintenance. 
  • Designed for Superior Performance. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • Made from Certified Component. 
  • Superior chlorine & odor reduction. 
  • Lower pressure drop. 
  • Dual stage 10" system. 
    • Stage 1, 4.5" x 10" Polyester bacteria and chemical resistant pleated filter filter. 
    • Stage 2, 4.5" x 10" GAC and KDF Filter. Up to 99% chlorine reduction. 
  • Long life and Built to Last from Commercial Grade materials. 

This complete kit Includes: 
  • Heavy duty bracket. 
  • Heavy duty housings with pressure relief button. 
  • Housing wrench. 
  • Stage 1, Premium 5 micron pleated filter 
  • Stage 2, Premium GAC/KDF filter. 
  • Stainless Steel Bolts for housing installation. 
Only use tested OEM quality replacement filters and replacement parts. Using alternative brand filters will reduce system performance.