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Watts (WQCFU-T-11KIT) 11" Triple Stage Hollow Fiber UF, Carbon System

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Quick-Change System with Ultra-Filtration Technology

This Watts WQCFU-T-11KIT 3-Stage Water Filter System is an under-sink drinking water system that is a less costly alternative to reverse osmosis systems. The water in your house, place of business, restaurant, etc. is thoroughly purified by using three Watts Kwik-Change filters, including a cutting-edge Watts Hollow Fiber membrane for ultrafiltration. The Kwik-Change feature makes filter replacement, simply because it doesn't require expensive trips from your neighborhood plumber or dealer or the use of wrenches.

Watts drinking water systems with Quick-Change filter elements and hollow fiber membranes come complete with sediment cartridge, carbon block cartridge, hollow fiber membrane, long reach chrome faucet, tapping valve, and tubing.

Eliminates the chlorine taste and odor as per NSF Standard 42 (97%) Sand, silt, and rust particles Lead NSF Standard 53 (95%) VOC's (95%) Herbicides Pesticides Insecticides Cysts

Note: The system requires a minimum of 20 psi inlet pressure (1.4 bar) and the pressure drop is 3 psi at 0.5 GPM.

Feature & Benefits

  • Quick-Change cartridges are removed with a single turn
  • No filter sumps, no mess, no fuss
  • No tank is needed, frees up space
  • Cartridges have double O-rings to prevent leaks
  • Choice of cartridge types and sizes for residential, commercial, and foodservice applications

Quick-Change Drinking Water Systems VS RO Systems

  • Low-cost alternative to RO
  • No reject water (100% of the water is used)
  • No pressure problems, Units work as low as 20psi / 1.4 bar pressure
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Leaves essential nutrients in the water
  • Three different cartridge sizes are available
  • Cartridges are color-coded for easy identification

NSF Standard 42

  • Chlorine taste and odor (97%)
  • Particulate
  • Sand
  • Silt
  • Rust particles

NSF Standard 53

  • Lead (95%)
  • VOC€™s (95%)
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Insecticides
  • Cysts



With Faucet and Installation Kit

WQCFU-AC-KIT 10" Single System, bracket, activated carbon, faucet, and install kit 1
WQCFU-D-KIT 10" Dual System, bracket, sediment & carbon, faucet, and install kit 1
WQCFU-T-KIT 10" Triple System, bracket, sediment, carbon, UF, faucet and install kit 1
WQCFU-T-11KIT 11" Triple System, bracket, sediment, 1

Replacement Cartridges

10" 11" 13"
Sediment (Melt Blown PP) 5 WQCSC10 WQCSC11 WQCSC13
Carbon 5 WQCCC10 WQCCC11 WQCCC13
Antibacterial Activated Carbon 5 WQCABC10 WQCABC11 WQCABC13
Hollow Fiber Membrane (UF) 0.1 - 0.3 WQCHFC10 WQCHFC11 WQCHFC13