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Watts (R13-0250) R13 Series Reverse Osmosis 250 GPD System

Product Code R13-0250

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Standard features:
  • Powder coated steel frames 
  • Inlet solenoid valve 
  • Pre-filter 
  • 1/2 HP motor 
  • Brass pump 
  • Liquid filled pre-filter pressure gauge 
  • 2 1/2" liquid filled pump pressure gauge 
  • Product water & reject water flow meters 
  • High pressure, non-metallic membrane housings 
  • SS needle valves for concentrate and recycle lines 
  • Stainless steel product water check valve 
  • On / off toggle switch 
  • Low-pressure shut-off with auto restart 
  • Feed water and product water TDS monitor

Reverse Osmosis System

When separating the feed water into two streams, reverse osmosis systems use semipermeable membrane elements to accomplish this. Water is separated from pressurized feed water into two streams: purified (product) water and concentrate (reject) water. The impurities present in the feed water are carried away to the drain by the flow of water.