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Watts (PG20B25) 2.5" Dial Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel; 1-4" NPT Center Back

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PureT PG Series liquid-filled pressure gauges suit a variety of applications that involve high frequency fluctuations or surges, high shock, and vibration conditions. Perfect for measured media pressure with strong pulse/vibration, environmental uses such as pumps and compressors, and wherever ambient corrosion and vibration are present such as reverse osmosis systems, hydraulic systems, machine tools and petrochemical processing equipment, oil refining, and chemical and pharmaceutical plants. Crafted with precision, Pureteck liquid-filled pressure gauges contain 100% pure glycerin, a durable acrylic window, and dual pressure indications for a crystal clear reading every time. The corrosion- and UV-resistant, 304 stainless steel case comes with convenient panel mounting adapters and copper alloy wetted parts that ensure accuracy, reliability, and durability that exceed industry standards. 
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