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Watts-OFTWH-R Residential Tankless One Flow Anti-Scale System

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6 GPM Model OFTWH-R OneFlow Cartridge Filter Anti-Scale System for Cold Water

This 20 inch tall blue OneFlow(R) anti-scale system conditions cold tap water and provides scale protection on internal and external surfaces to extend the life of equipment by transforming dissolved hardness minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic particles. Used for commercial and food service applications, the specially designed components are installed before a water using device (water heater, hot-beverage system, appliance, steamer, etc.) to protect against the effects of hard water. The OneFlow(R) anti-scale system is not a water softener and does not add chemicals or remove minerals, but provides environmentally friendly technology to prevent scale buildup. The 6 GPM system, model OFTWH-R, consists of a single cartridge with a 3/4 inch FNPT connection and media which should be replaced every 2 years.


  • Virtually maintenance free green technology
  • Uses environmentally friendly green technology
  • Requires no control valve, chemical additives or electricity
  • Chemical free treatment for scale prevention and protection