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Watts - OFRES Res Scale System with Smart Monitor 1" MNPT

Product Code OFRES-0835-K

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This residential OneFlow(R) anti-scale system, model OFRES, provides a home with protection from internal scale formation on plumbing surfaces up to 16 GPM. Water using appliances and plumbing fixtures have a longer lifespan because hardness scale build up on internal parts no longer occurs. This system is specifically designed for residential applications and includes a WiFi enabled monitor to send email and/or SMS alerts when media replacement is due. This system should be installed at the point-of-entry to a home to treat both the hot and the cold water.


  • Improves efficiency of all water using appliances, both hot and cold
  • No control valve, and no wastewater
  • Chemical free scale prevention and protection
  • Smart and connected monitor included