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Watts (LF560B) 560 B Water Pressure Regulator 1/4" 0 - 60 PSI - Lead Free

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Series 560 Mini Water Pressure Regulators are used in industrial process applications to regulate water pressure in systems requiring a small economical regulator package. It consists of a brass body construction with female threaded inlet and outlet connections, 1/8 in. female side tapping (plugged) for gauge, stainless steel stem and spring, Buna-N seat and diaphragm, and heavy duty adjusting screw (slotted and knurled). Series 560 has an oversized orifice and is ideal for use in miscellaneous plumbing applications and OEM equipment such as travel trailers. Maximum Working Pressure: 300 psi (21 bar).

  • Rugged brass body
  • Stainless steel stem and spring
  • Oversized orifices
  • Comes standard with 1/8" (3mm) gauge port (plugged)
  • Heavy duty adjusting screw. Adjusting screw is both slotted and knurled.