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Watts (LC-380PP) Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis System 380 GPD

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Watts Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

The (LC-380PP) Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis System from Watts has a gallon per day number of 380, which is fairly high for a residential system compared to other products on the market. This system has the ability to produce water at a very high volume if it is needed. If not, it also features the pressure gauge which helps users to control and limit the amount of water it produces. The system is manufactured with high-quality metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. This ensures that the product is strong enough to withstand high pressure. You and your family can rely on Watts’ reverse osmosis systems to provide the household with safe drinking water.

  • Compact, Sturdy design
  • Welded powder-coated frame
  • Liquid filled pre-filter pressure gauge
  • Integrated booster pump(s)
  • Sediment & carbon pre-filtration
  • Quick-connect fittings for easy installation

The LC Series is suitable for the following applications:

  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing industries
  • Shopping centers
  • Schools
  • Hotels


  • Light Commercial RO System
  • Free Standing
  • Rated for 380 GPD
  • Membrane elements: 3
  • Membrane Type: Thin Film
  • Operation Pressure: 0-125 psi
  • Operation temperature: 40-110 F

Standard Features:

  • Powder coated frame made of light weight and rust proof aluminum alloy with U shaped bracket for better support.
  • High rejection thin film membrane, typical rejection rate of 99%. Each membrane is 100 gpd @ 100 psi.
  • Two 20" pre-treatment filters: 5 microns sediment and extruded carbon block.
  • One 20" post treatment filter, standard coconut shell granular carbon.
  • Stainless Steel liquid filled pressure gauge.
  • Electrical shut-off valve to prevent clogging following the sediment filter.
  • Low energy high flow booster pump with transformer: fills product tank faster and saves waste water.
  •  Aluminum rivets to provide durable tightness
  • Stainless Steel check valve to prolong membrane life
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LC 380PP


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    Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

    The Watts (LC-380PP) Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis System 380 GPD is an innovative step forward in the quest for safe, clean drinking water. This system is designed to provide a constant flow of clean, safe water for light commercial uses. Learn how the LC-380PP can improve water quality and adapt to a wide range of business demands by reading on to learn more about its cutting-edge features, benefits, and applications. 

    The idea of reverse osmosis, a cutting-edge method for purifying water by filtering out harmful substances, is at the core of the Watts (LC-380PP) Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis System 380 GPD, guaranteeing that the water you drink is of the finest quality.

    For optimum performance, the LC-380PP system requires a professional installation. To keep the water clean and the system running smoothly, routine maintenance, such as filter replacement, is required.

    Light business applications can benefit from state-of-the-art water purification systems like the Watts (LC-380PP) Light Business Reverse Osmosis System, which purifies 380 gallons of water per day. Its large volume, sophisticated filtration system, and compact design make it a priceless tool for commercial establishments looking to improve their water quality. Take advantage of the LC-380PP system's safe and clean water supply and do your part for the prosperity of your business.


    In today's quest for clean and pure water, reverse osmosis systems play a crucial role. Among them, the Watts LC-380PP stands out for its robust design and efficient performance. Designed for light commercial use, this system promises to deliver high-quality water filtration that meets the demands of various applications.

    The Watts LC-380PP is a light commercial reverse osmosis system known for its exceptional capacity and reliability. With a filtration rate of up to 380 gallons per day (GPD), it is capable of handling significant volumes of water while maintaining superior filtration standards. This system is engineered to remove contaminants, chemicals, and impurities, ensuring clean and safe drinking water.

    At the heart of the LC-380PP is the process of reverse osmosis, a highly effective method for purifying water. It works by using a semipermeable membrane to remove contaminants, bacteria, and dissolved solids from water. The LC-380PP employs multiple stages of filtration, including sediment and carbon filters, before the water passes through the membrane, ensuring thorough purification.

    Installing the LC-380PP requires basic plumbing skills and tools. The system comes with detailed instructions for easy setup, including the necessary fittings and tubing. Professional installation is recommended for optimal performance and warranty coverage.

    Regular maintenance is crucial to prolonging the LC-380PP's lifespan and ensuring peak performance. This includes periodic filter replacements and system sanitization. The user manual provides specific guidelines for maintenance tasks, which are essential for maintaining water quality and system efficiency.

    Compared to similar models, the LC-380PP stands out for its efficiency and reliability. It offers superior filtration capacity and durability, making it a preferred choice for light commercial settings where consistent water quality is essential.

    The Watts LC-380PP Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis System is a reliable choice for those seeking high-quality water purification in commercial settings. With its robust design, efficient filtration process, and user-friendly maintenance, it ensures clean and safe drinking water for various applications.