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Watts-GTS550S-NAGF-MT Watts GTS Series 5 Stage Standard Cartridge Reverse Osmosis

Product Code GTS550S-NAGF-MT

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5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System with Metal Tank and Non-Air Gap Faucet

This five stage reverse osmosis system fits nicely under a kitchen sink providing great tasting water for the whole family. Filtration stages include a sediment filter for dirt, rust and other sediment contaminants, and two carbon block pre-filters to reduces chlorine, taste and odor. A 50 GPD reverse osmosis membrane, which is the heart of the RO system, filters out particles as small as 1/10,000 of a micron and a final stage polishing filter for fresh tasting water every time. This RO system comes complete with quick connect fittings for easy installation, a 3 gallon water storage tank and a non air gap reverse osmosis faucet. Recommended inlet water pressure is 40 psi with maximum water hardness of 15 GPG.


  • Quick connect fittings for easy installation and maintenance
  • Reverse osmosis non-air gap faucet
  • 3 gallon metal storage tank
  • 50 GPD membrane