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Viqua (650733R-002) Power Supply Controller 40W

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The Viqua 650733R-002 is replacement power supply kit (also called a controller) that is used to replace the power supply of a Viqua system. The 650733R-002 is the newest version of the company's line of controllers and is used for the Viqua D4/PLUS, D4-V, E4/PLUS, E4-V, F4/PLUS, F4-V and IHS (D4) UV systems. The Viqua 650733R-002 plugs into a wall outlet and acts as a transformer - taking the native voltage and amperage and converting it to the proper voltage and amperage for the UV lamp. It also provides valuable information to the UV system operator in the way of a digital readout, making it easy for you to determine UV purification levels and the need to replace the controller again.

  • Operates at 100-240V and weighs at 1.4 kilograms.
  • Reference Card outlines most important system functions and maintenance for your quick, on-the-spot questions.
  • Helpful lamp replacement reminder.
  • Lamp timer reset button.
  • Indicator lights show status of system components.
  • Mute button for warning alarm sounds.
*****Replaces part number 650713-007 which has been discontinued.*****
*****This item has a two week lead time.*****