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Viqua (602855) Replacement UV lamp

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Viqua Replacement UV lamp

The Viqua 602855 lamp is the low pressure regular intensity original replacement UV bulb. When you buy a Genuine Viqua 602855 UV lamp you can be assured of the performance, safety, and warranty of your system.

  • Compatible with H/PLUS, PRO20 Professional UV systems
  • Viqua 602855 UV lamps have a full one-year warranty and have been tested in order to deliver a specific UV intensity in each system that is offered.


  • 2 O-rings included.
  • Long-life coated for stability, longer life and increased efficiency with bulb life up to up to 18,000 hours
  • Low pressure high output amalgam based lamp
  • Environmentally friendly, with less than 10mg of mercury; 70 % less than most other commercially available UV lamps