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SUEZ AK-90LE; 4" x 40"; High Rejection; 2300 GPD; Replacement Reverse Osmosis Membrane - (Product Flow @ 110 PSI) (Veolia)

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The A-Series proprietary thin-film reverse osmosis membrane elements are characterized by high flux and high sodium chloride rejection. AK HR low pressure brackish elements are selected when high rejection and low operating pressures are desired. These elements allow significant energy savings since good rejection is achieved at operating pressures as low as 100 psig (689 kPa).

These elements are recommended for low brackish water with salt concentration (TDS) levels up to 5,000mg/l. In turn, AK HR elements produce a permeate quality close to a standard brackish membrane element at a much lower pressure. Specifications
  • Model     AK 90LE
  • Type     Brackish Water
  • Average NaCl rejection percentage     99.50 %
  • Minimum NaCl rejection percentage     99.00 %
  • Average MgSO4l rejection percentage     0.00 %
  • Max Pressure kPa     2757.91
  • Max Pressure psi     400
  • Max Temperature °C     48.6
  • Max Temperature °F     122
  • Membrane Active Area ft2     90
  • Membrane Active Area m2     8.3
  • Flow gpd     2300
  • Flow m3/day     8.30

Dimensions / Weights
  • Length in inch     40.00
  • Length in cm     101.60
  • Output Permeate in inch     0.750
  • Output Permeate in cm     1.910
  • Carton shipping weight in lbs     8.80
  • Carton shipping weight in kg     4.00    
SUEZ membranes

SUEZ spiral wound membrane elements purify water for drinking water, boiler feedwater, seawater desalination, rinse water, and water reuse.

These highly efficient membranes produce high-quality product water from virtually any source including surface water, tap water, well water or seawater.

Benefits and Features

  •     reduce salinity and chemical oxygen demand (COD)
  •     remove chemical contaminants
  •     recover acid streams.
  •     clean-up hot condensates
  •     pre-concentrate streams prior to evaporator
  •     reduce energy requirements
  •     reduce wastewater volumes by increasing water reuse
  •     lower operating costs
  •     reduced equipment downtime

GE custom designs membrane elements to operate effectively in challenging environments,

including extreme pHs, temperatures from 40° to 180° Fahrenheit (5° to 80° Celsius), oil contaminated streams and highly viscous solutions.

Membrane Feed Water
  •     sea water
  •     brackish water
  •     tap (mains) water
  •     waste water
Typical Applications
  •     reverse osmosis
  •     potable water
  •     pure water
  •     process water
  •     food and beverage
  •     chemical processing
  •     metal finishing
  •     electronics