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Isopure Water

Sani-System (SS24N) Liquid Sanitizer Concentrate 0.25 Ounce Packet

Product Code SS24N

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Liquid Sanitizer Concentrate ( 0.25 ounces/packet) for sanitizing Water Softeners, RO Units, and Water Coolers.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE - Water Softener Application: Mix the 1. Packet of Sani-System with 4 gallons of water and then pour into salt tank. Manually regenerate the softener. Double the dosage for heavily fouled units.

RO ( reverse osmosis ) Units: Turn off RO system, drain storage tank and remove all filters and membrane. Pour 1 Packet of Sani-System into the empty pre-filter housing. Reconnect and turn on incoming water. After the holding tank is full ( takes about 5 minutes ), let the system stand idle for 60 minutes. Drain Holding tank. Before the system is put back into service, flush the system with water to assure sanitizing solution is rinsed thoroughly from system. Re-Install filters and membrane occurring to manufacturer's instructions.