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Purolite (ArsenXnp) Arsenx NP Arsenic Removal Resin Media (52 Lbs) 1 CF

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ArsenXnp is a Nano-particle based selective resin designed to remove arsenic (arsenate and arsenite) from water. ArsenXnp combines a unique chemistry based on hydrous iron oxide nanoparticles that have a very high affinity for arsenic with a durable, non-friable, spherical polymer substrate. This ideal combination of selectivity and substrate durability means that ArsenXnp can effortlessly remove arsenic by using a lead-lag or parallel design configuration. Water treatment systems incorporating ArsenXnp are designed and operated using the same engineering guidelines as conventional ion exchange resins. Superior bead strength means fines will not be generated nor will pressure drop be a concern throughout long-term performance. Bead sphericity also ensures plug flow of the raw water through the bed thereby maximizing the arsenic loading per vessel and complete capacity utilization. ArsenXnp is ideal for municipal water treatment plants as well as point-of-entry (POE) and point of- use (POU) devices.

Basic Features:

Application Arsenic Removal
Polymer Structure Polystyrene cross-linked with DVB
Appearance Reddish-Brown spherical beads
Functional Group
Ionic form as shipped

Typical Physical and Chemical Characteristics:

Whole Beads 95% min.
Service Flow Rates 20 - 32 BV/h
Service Flow Rates 2.5 - 4 gpm/ft3
Bead Size Range 0.300 - 1.2 mm
Bulk Density 790 - 820 g/l
Arsenic Capacity 0.5 - 4.0 As/l
Recommended contact time 2.5 - 3.0 minutes
TempLimit(Stability) 80 °C
TempLimit(Stability) 176°F
pH Limits 4.5 - 8.5 (Operating)