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PureT - GAC10W - 10" x 2.5" Granular Activated Carbon - GAC Water Filter

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  • 2-Pack Replacement WaterPur CCI10CLW12 Granular Activated Carbon Filter - Universal 10-inch Cartridge for WaterPur CCI-10-CLW12 Water Filter Housing
  • Universal 10 inch Granular Activated Carbon filter. Improves taste and clarity while retaining beneficial nutrients by reducing chlorine, fine sediment, odor, silt, rust.
  • Removes undesirable and possibly harmful chlorine, ordor, taste, organic contaminants, particles, chemicals.
  • Reduce water bottle waste and save money while also helping the environment by using water filters. For the highest quality water and best contaminant reduction replace the filter every 6 months.
GAC carbon filters are great for removing chlorine, taste and odor.  These are drop in filter cartridges and will work with any 10" standard housing.  This is a non OEM replacement product.