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Pura UV - UVB1-EPCB 0.5 Micron Carbon Block Drinking Filter 2 GPM

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Pura UV - UVB1-EPCB 0.5 Micron Carbon Block Drinking Filter 2 GPM


The PURA UVB1-EPCB is a shining example of the all-in-one idea. In a highly appealing and compact system, this product combines carbon filtration and ultraviolet disinfection. The UVB1-EPCB is capable of a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute. You can use this system independently or in conjunction with other water treatment devices.

- With an electronic lamp indication, changing lamps and filters is simple (LED)
- EPCB carbon block prefilter, 0.5 micron
- UV purification combined with sediment and carbon filtering
- Easy installation and a compact size
- Quartz and tempered glass lamps

The UVB1-EPCB uses a heavier vessel than the UV-1 EPCB and is also a single-canister under-sink unit with Pura's extended pass carbon block filter. It's a drinking water filter with a one gallon per minute disinfection capacity. It is capable of serious chemical reduction as well as purification. The 0.5-micron carbon block filter is tight enough to assure cyst removal.

This unit is rated for cyst removal with a 0.5 Micron Pentek EPCB cartridge.


Maximum Flow: 2 Gallon per min (GPM)
Replacement Lamp Size #: 11
Lamp Power Usage: 14 Watts
Replacement Sleeve #: 11
Height: 15"
Width: 5.5"
Depth: 6"
Port Size (FIP inlet & outlet): 3/8" inch
UV Exposure: 16,000 MWS/cm2


Ensuring access to potable water that is hygienic, palatable, and free from impurities is critical for maintaining optimal health and welfare. With a 2 gallons per minute (GPM) discharge rate, the Pura UV-UVB1-EPCB 0.5 Micron Carbon Block Drinking Filter is a potent solution for ensuring that your household drinks pure and refreshing water. This exhaustive guide aims to delve into the realm of water filtration, with a specific emphasis on the attributes, advantages, and factors contributing to the widespread appeal of the Pura UVB1-EPCB filter among individuals in search of superior water purification.

Potable water that is both hygienic and contaminant-free is essential for human health maintenance and the prevention of waterborne illnesses. As water sources can become contaminated with impurities, sediments, microorganisms, and chemicals, water quality cannot always be guaranteed. It is essential to have effective water filtration in order to consume water that is pure and free of hazardous substances.

The Pura UV-UVB1-EPCB Drinking Filter has been specifically engineered to deliver dependable and effective water purification. The following are its principal attributes. Its 0.5-micron carbon block filter efficiently eliminates contaminants, sediments, chlorine, and impurities, thereby ensuring the provision of potable water that is both clean and secure. Operating at a flow rate of 2 GPM, it guarantees a consistent provision of purified water suitable for various applications.

The carbon block filtration technology eliminates the flavor and odor of chlorine, thereby producing water with an exquisite flavor. By virtue of its extended lifespan, the filter eliminates the need for frequent replacement. The Pura UVB1-EPCB filter is simple to install and is compatible with the majority of water filtration systems.