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Pro Products Neutra 5 - Acid Water Neutralizer Acid Water Neutralizer

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Pro-Soda Ash is a highly alkaline compound which neutralizes the acid found in some water systems. This helps to eliminate corrosion from piping, pressure tanks, water heaters, and fixtures, giving your system longer life. A Pro-Soda Ash solution injected into your water system will neutralize acid water and eliminate corrosion problems. Pro-Soda Ash can also be used to remove tannins from a tannin-type water softener, and may be used in a potable water system.


Neutralizing Acid Water:
The feed rate of Pro-Soda Ash depends on the acidity of water. Proper dosage is reached when the pH of the treated water is between 7.0 and 8.0. Follow procedure for injecting Pro-Soda Ash into your water system by the chemical feed pump manufacturer or supplier.

Cleaning Tannin Water Softeners:
Mix 1 cup of Pro-Soda Ash with 1 qt. of water and pour into salt storage tank on weekly basis.

Features and Benefits
The most satisfactory method of correcting an acidity problem is to automatically feed a soda ash solution into the water. This solution may be fed into the water supply with a chemical feed pump. It chemically combines with the acid water to completely neutralize it.

Tannins are harmless organics resulting from water passing through peaty soil and decaying vegetation. Pro-Soda Ash will rid the mineral bed of tannins by "swelling" the beads which helps the tannins fall off the beads. Also, Pro-Soda Ash increases the pH which will keep the tannins in a more soluble state and help the exchange process.

Technical Information
Pro-Soda Ash is a white granular powder.

Sodium Carbonate CAS# 497-19-8

Storage and Handling
Store in a cool, dry area, away from acids and lime. When dissolving in water, add water slowly and cautiously while stirring. Solutions can get hot. Read relevant Material Safety Data Sheet before handling this product.