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Pro Products (3506050) "Neutra-7" Acid Water Neutralization Compound 5 lbs

Product Code 3506050

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Water Treatment Compound for Acid Water Neutralization
Eliminates the staining and corrosion of acidic water by neutralizing the acid and raising the pH.
  • Compatible with all major brands of chemical feed pumps.
  • Composed of USP and food grade materials.
  1. Neutra-7 is specially formulated to be non-caking and easily dissolved
  2. Neutra-7's proprietary ingredients prevent clogging of pump screens.
  3. Neutra-7 is designed to prevent scaling at the point of injection. Localized high pH at the point of injection can cause hard water scale at the point of injection when using Soda Ash.
  4. Mixing instructions are well defined and Neutra-7 stays in solution better than Soda Ash