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Pro Products (3212000) "Resin Mate" Automatic Cleaning System 1.0 oz Feeder

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Automatic Resin Cleaning System
Maintains softener capacity by automatically removing iron and other mineral build-up from the resin bed. It also:

  • Keeps softener operating parts and valves free of mineral build-up
  • Makes economical use of salt
  • Minimizes need for frequent regeneration
  • Removes Iron and other mineral particles that foul resin beads
  • Contains no strong chemical smell
  • Increases the effectiveness of the water softener
  • Helps eliminate service calls on the unit

Instructions For Installing Resin-Mate Automatic Feeders

  1. Remove rine tank cover
  2. Attach enclosed bracket onto Resin-Mate feeder and place onto brine tank next to brine well.
  3. Drill two €œ 3/8� holes in brine tank just under the rim for feeder's brackets and grommets. Also, drill one 9/16� hole in brine well cap for feeder spout.
  4. Remove feeder and fill with water to allow stone tube and wick to soak for at least 15 minutes.
  5. Remove water from feeder. Pull tubing until stone is resting upright on the feeder's bottom.
  6. Insert end of tube through the hole in the brine well cap. The end of the tube MUST be below the bottom level of the feeder.
  7. Mount feeder and bracket on the brine tank.
  8. Fill feeder to Fill Line� with Resin-Mate Solution.
  9. Place cover on Resin-Mate feeder. Automatic feeding will begin within a few hours.