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Pentek - WS-10 - 10" x 2.5" Water Softening Resin Filter

Product Code 155319-03

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WS Series cartridges provide softened water in a convenient cartridge-style design.

These cation exchange softening cartridges utilize a bed of sodium form cation resin beads to reduce hardness and scale deposits.

The convenient and space-saving design of our WS Series cartridges means that softened water can be provided easily and cost effectively at the exact point of need.

WS-10 cartridge has a rated capacity of 750 grains (as CaCo3)capacity.

Grain Capacity
(total TDS)
Flow Rate
750 GPG
(12,800 PPM)
2-5/8" x 9-3/4"
0.50 GPM



Filter Media Standard Softener Resin
End Caps Polypropylene
Shell Polypropylene
Pre-filter Polypropylene
Post-filter Polypropylene
Gaskets Buna
Temperature Rating 40F to 100F