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ONE Filtration (SCT-20NANOAG) Enpress Cartridge Green 20 micron Pre-filter 1 to .2 Micron Filter

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The Enpress Green 20 micron Pre-filter 1 to .2 Micron Filter offers Green Filtration technology electro=positively charged dual gradient double pleated filtration solutions that successfully remove contaminants from 1 to 0.2 microns, featuring NanoAl media. The filters are designed with a larger 20 micron pre-filtration layer externally and the charged media internally, extending filtration level contamination and service life, while achieving high flow and low pressure drop.

All filters feature the use of Agion® antimicrobial technology that provides built-in protection by working 24/7 resisting the growth of microbes. Each filter comes with a unique handle designed top cap for lightweight and easy removal, a bag for proper disposal, and a double o-ring bottom connection into the Cartridge Tank® plumbing adapter for the 2½ in. assembly and full 1¼ in. PVC glue socket flow rate connections.The filters will outperform competitive filtration solutions in all turbidity applications including insoluble scale, Fe3, bacterial iron slime, colloidal solids, silt, rust, and other particle filtration, resulting in higher water quality and longer life of the filtration system.

CT-20NANOPACAG: External 20 Micron Pleated pre-filter, with NanoAl„¢ PAC Pleated Inner Filter w/Agion® Biostat Core Green Filtration Series Features Dual Gradient Double Pleated Filters with electro positively charged NanoAl media Double Buna-N O-ring seals Filter Belly Bands PAC solution option Agion® antimicrobial technology.