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Omnipure - Q5486 - 8" x 2.5" Q-Series Twist Off GAC / Phohsphate Filter; Scale Inhibitor

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The Omnipure (Q5486) is a mix of granular activated carbon and crystalline polyphosphate (slow dissolving) filte. This filter features the optional Twist Tap in-head valve system, which automatically turns the supply water off when the body is disconnected from the head. This filter can be used in ice makers, refrigerators, beverage equipment, drinking fountains, under the sink systems, and reverse osmosis systems. This filter is used to prevent scale deposits and precipitation for applications including Ice Machines, Coffee Makers, Distillers, Hot Water Heaters, Evaporators & Steam Generators.

  • Dimensions: 2.5" W X 8" L
  • Flow Rate: .5 GPM
  • Maximum Pressure: 125 PSIG
  • Maximum Temperature: 100 F
  • Service Life: 6 months
  • Filtration Media: Crystalline Polyphosphate
  • Reduces: Scale
  • Fitting Size: This Q-Series filter is a replacement filter and must be used with an existing Q-Series head. The Q-Series heads are available in 1/4" Quick-Connect fittings, 1/4" NPT female threads, or 3/8" NPT female threads.