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Omnipure - L5551- L-Series 10" x 2.5" Twist Off 1/2 Sediment & 1/2 GAC Filter

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Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) with Sediment Element
  • Taste, odor & chlorine reduction 
  • Maximum one year service life 1,500 gal/1 Year


  • Filter will fit XO Water Coolers, M1000, Bliss Water Coolers, Magic Mountain 1500 series, L5551, L5451, Omnipure L series, TYPE: 1/2 Sed 1/2 GAC = (1/2 five-micron sediment filter, 1/2 GAC granular activated carbon filter) 1/4 Turn Twist Style Single Replacement Cartridge
  • QUALITY: This filter is made from the finest phosphate-free materials possible, (built in) 5-micron sediment filter, T-40 Granular Activated Coconut Carbon
  • SYSTEM CONVENIENCE: This user-friendly filter automatically shuts water off when changing