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Omnipure - K2566 - 10" x 2" Activate Alumina - Fluoride Reduction Inline Filter - 1/4" NPT

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The K2566 Inline FIlter 2" X 10" - Omnipure is one of Omnipure's K series inline filters that easily installs directly to your water line.

The activated alumina media reduces unwanted fluoride from your water. Available with 1/4" Female fittings.

National Pipe Thread (NPT) Size Measured Against a Ruler*
 Actual Diameter
National Pipe Thread (NPT)
0.405" 1/8"
0.540" 1/4"
0.675" 3/8"
0.840" 1/2"

*NOTE: A very common misconception is that a 1/4" NPT measures as 1/4 inch on a ruler or tape measurer. However, that is not the case.  NPT will measure larger in diameter.  Above is a sizing reference to help clarify.