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Noshok - 900 Series - Liquid Filled Gauges - ABS 1/4" NPT Bottom Stem

Product Code 25-900-030

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Product Highlights
  • Extremely high quality pressure gauges, liquid filled for extended service life and shock resistance
  • Ranges available from vacuum to 15,000 psi
  • 1/4" NPT Center Bottom
  • Lightweight shatter-resistant ABS, Plexiglass„¢ lens for extra strength
  • Unique o-ring case and connection seals guard against leakage and protect against shock and vibration
  • Relief disc on top or back provides positive case relief
  • Brass and copper alloy movement
  • High grade Glycerine fill dampens the effects of pulsation, vibration and shock loads, and provides lubrication of the movement
  • Volume oriented