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Microfilter (UV-405) UV 4 Watts 0.5 GPM 1-4" QC Stainless Steel Inner Sterilizer Light

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UV light is one of the four methods approved by the USFDA. It will disinfect filtered water at a normal flow rate, providing one of the safest filtering systems available. Bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms are destroyed by interfering with the DNA and RNA in the organisms' reproductive cycles.

Once the UV light is on, it is recommended to not turn off the power unless it is necessary. Powering down the UV lamp causes the lamp to shorten its life.


  • Fittings: 1/4" Quick Connect
  • Power: 4 Watts
  • Model: UV-405
  • Max Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM
  • Lamp life: 9000 hours or 1 year.


**Ballast not included. Use ballast UV-405T120 or UV405T220

How Long Does UV Filter Lights Last? 

A UV lamp typically lasts 12 months or roughly 9000 hours of use. The light remains on for longer than a year, but after that time, it gradually loses its power to kill bacteria and eventually stops working altogether, leaving your family unprotected.

The timer for the annual lamp change will function for roughly a full year. The buzzer will sound and the lamp change timer will flash at the conclusion of the year. The timer function is inside the 28-day grace period, as indicated by the flashing LED. During this grace period, pressing the timer button will turn off the buzzer for seven days, but the LED will still flash. Up to four buzzer resets are permitted over the course of the 28-day term. This grace period shall not, under any circumstances, exceed 28 days. The UV power source will sound the buzzer and continually illuminate the red timer LED on the 29th day to signal a bulb change alarm.

How do I Reset My Ultraviolet Light?

Resetting the bulb change reminder timer involves unplugging the UV power source from the AC supply, waiting 15 seconds, and then plugging it back in while pushing the timer button. If the reset was successful, the UV power source will beep loudly for three seconds.