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John Guest

John Guest - Speedfit Twist & Lock Compression Female Connector, Push to Connect Plastic Plumbing Fitting 3/8" OD x 9/16"-24 UNEF

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The JG Speedfit 3/8" OD x 9/16"-24 UNEF. Push-to-Connect Female Compression Connector fittings are manufactured from white polypropylene and equipped with EPDM O-rings utilizing John Guest’s push-fit technology to make easy, reliable, leak-free connections. They have been developed to satisfy the compatibility needs for a wide range of applications and can be used on plastic or soft copper tubing. To make a connection, the tube is simply pushed in by hand; the unique John Guest collet locking system holds the tubing firmly in place. Disconnection is just as easy and requires no special tools.

  • JG Speedfit technology provides a reliable, leak-free connection
  • Connects to copper, CPVC and PEX pipe or any combination of the 3
  • Simple to use with no tools, torches or glue required
  • IAPMO and NSF approved for domestic plumbing in all 50 states and Canada
  • Approved for behind wall use as a permanent leak-free connection
  • Suitable for use on domestic hot and cold water applications
  • Rated to 160 psi at 73°F and 80 psi at 200°F
  • Twist and lock feature provides added security
  • Completely lead-free construction and resistant to scale build up