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IPW Industries Inc. Bulk Catalytic Carbon - 12 x 40 Mesh Water Filter/Air Filter Refill Granular Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbon Charcoal 20 lbs

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“CATALYTIC” OR “SURFACE-MODIFIED” ACTIVATED CARBON REMOVES CHLORAMINES FROM WATER Catalytic carbon is a class of activated carbon used to remove chloramines and hydrogen sulfide from drinking water. It has all the adsorptive characteristics of conventional activated carbons, as well as the ability to promote chemical reactions. CATALYTIC CARBON IS NOT IMPREGNATED WITH CAUSTIC CHEMICALS Because catalytic carbons have no impregnates, you won’t have to worry about reduced organic odor capacity or the higher bed fire potential of the impregnated carbons. Catalytic carbon is created by altering the surface structure of activated carbon. It is modified by gas processing at high temperatures to change the electronic structure and create the highest level of catalytic activity on carbon for reducing chloramine and H2S in water. This added catalytic functionality is much greater than that found in traditional activated carbons. Catalytic carbon is an economical solution to treat H2S levels as high as 20 to 30 ppm. Catalytic carbon converts adsorbed H2S into sulfuric acid and sulfurous acid which are water soluble, so carbon systems can be regenerated with water washing to restore H2S capacity for less frequent physical change-outs.