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Isopure Water

IPW Industries Inc. 5 Micron 10" x 2.5" Pleated Sediment Water Filter | Universal Replacement for Any 10 inch RO Unit

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25 Pack Of 5 Micron Pleated Sediment Filter Cartridges. Universal water filter replacement - fits any standard 10 inch Undersink Reverse Osmosis or Water Filtration systems.

10 inches x 2.5 inches Filter life: 4 - 6 months / 20000 - 30000 gallons (depending on the water quality).

Replace for great taste of your water Compatible with American Plumber W50PE, Ametek R50, Culligan R50, Dupont WFPFC3002, Brita WHF-101, Whirlpool WHKF-WHPL, Neo-Pure PS-27097-50, Bruner R50, ClearChoice 84619, Fresh Water Systems PS-27097-50, Graver Technologies PME50-9.75PS, Harmsco 701-50, 801-50, 801-50W, WB-50W, Hydronix SPC-25-1050, Keystone 550, Liquatec SPF-25-1050, Pentek 155038, 255484-43, ECP10-1, R50, US Filter R50, Watts FM-50-975, PWPL10M50, etc.

Fits most 10 inch standard size Housings. IPW Industries Inc. 25 pack of 5 Micron Polyester Pleated Sediment Filter Cartridges. These are universal size water filters for whole house and drinking water filtration. 10" x 2.5" filters.